The Whispers are a collection of voices that can be heard a number of times throughout the first season of Project Nephilim. During the course of the season finale the source of The Whispers is revealed to be the entity known as Zam'im, one of the tribes of Nephilim mentioned by Molly Green.


The Whispers appear or are referenced in nearly every episode of Salvation. They appear to be an auditory hallucination brought on during moments of high stress. It is unknown, however if the whispers Chase hears are different from the ones heard by Robin. Occasionally they act as transitional cues as well.

  • Pilot Episode

Whispers can be heard during Robin's encounter with Mattie Howard, coinciding with her threatening his tenure. They can be heard all throughout the remainder of the scene.

  • Vade Retro

Heard while Chase is walking through the parking garrage at the beginning of the episode. They coincide with the appearance of Her Friend.

  • Sien Souhitent

Can be heard very briefly before Chase slaps Colleen.

  • Hinc Illae Lacrimae

Transitional in nature, they are heard at the end of the cold open, when Alisson reveals that John was approached by Gideon Cryter.