In order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, the Project Nephilim Database contains details about all stories that have been officially broadcast, released or published for the first time.

The Project Nephilim Database contains full spoilers for all aired films, plays, webisodes and published novels, and short stories.

Yet to be broadcast storiesEdit

All series articles and other media articles relating to yet to be broadcast (or released) stories must carry a Pre-broadcast spoiler template at the top of the the article, to use type: {{pre-broadcast spoiler}} to alert readers that the article may contain spoilers for episodes that have yet to be broadcast.

Spoiler information relating to yet to be broadcast (or released) stories must be kept to the series or in some cases story articles. Please do not create articles relating to stories that have yet to be broadcast or released. As the story has yet to be broadcast there is no way to verify the information on the article, this is specifically vital to in-universe articles.

Confirmed storiesEdit

Stories that have been confirmed, but have not been broadcast are routinely created with their basic layout and infobox and then locked to prevent further edits until the stories have been broadcast or released.

Information relating to these fully protected stories should go on the story's series article.

For example, prior to the Salvation television story Hinc Illae Lacrimae being broadcast it would have been fully protected, any sourced information relating to it would go on the Salvation article.

Actor and in-universe articlesEdit

DO NOT create articles relating to in-universe elements or actors who will appear in yet to be broadcast or released stories. This information is often vague, inaccurate or contains spoilers.

If these articles are created they will be deleted.


Any rumours posted on yet to be broadcast article pages must come from a citable source and carry reference tags around the source so it may be checked by users (<ref> '''source'''</ref>).

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