Rhea Jordan is the adoptive daughter of Chase Quinn and the biological daughter of Andrew and Maria Jordan. She is portrayed by Julia Specht as an adult and by Barbara Woodall as a child.

Rhea Jordan
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Chase Quinn - Godmother

Andrew Jordan - Father (Deceased)

Maria Jordan - Mother (Deceased)



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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Rhea is the only main character to not appear in the novel. She was developed specifically for the series by producers Vincent C. Morreale and Alexandria Leonard. Her introduction in the series allows the storyline to diverge from the original novel in some fairly significant ways. In a recent blog post, both Series Producer Vincent C. Morreale and actress Julia Specht have confirmed that Rhea may be far more than she initially appears. This will be hinted at in the season finale and further developed in Crane's Bay.
  • Rhea's personality and the way in which she speaks appear to be heavily influenced by Joss Whedon characters.

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