Peter Alessandro is the father of John and Francesca Alessandro, and the widower of Sarah Alessandro. He is portrayed by Gary Ciambrone in Hence These Tears and Salvation.
Peter John Alessandro
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Sarah Alessandro - Wife (Deceased)
John Alessandro - Son
Francesca Alessandro - Daughter.


Peter is a good man who wants only to provide for his family. He is strong, but often soft spoken. Although he has a difficult relationship with his son, he deeply cares for him, supports what he does and wishes that he become the man he was ment to be.


Peter has appeared in both Hence These Tears and Salvation, and as with other members of the Alessandro Family, he appears in flashback during Salvation. That said, his flashback constitutes new material that was only mentioned briefly during the events of Hence These Tears. He is slated to appear in the sequel to Salvation, which focus, in part, on his wedding to a younger woman.

Hence These TearsEdit

Despite having a tense and difficult relationship with his son, Peter is always depicted as someone who cares very deeply for his family and will go to any length to make them happy. This can be seen when he leaves his business in the care of his father and brother so he can spend time with his family at Christmas. Although his grief over his wife's illness weighs heavily on him, he is shown to be deeply responsible for her care, so much so that, after her passing, he becomes angry at himself that he may have slept through the time for her medication.

He is also shown to be extremely perceptive about other people and their motivations, although, unlike Sarah he prefers to deal with confrontation more though anecdote and advice. Interestingly, however, this is not how he seems to be able to deal with John, as the two will overn argue bitterly.

Later, however, following the funeral, both he and John find common ground and are able to repair their relationship.


Peter appears briefly diring the fouth episode during a flashback to events not previously seen in Hence These Tears. Immediately following the funeral of his wife, but prior to the events of Act 2 in the play, he confronts Alexander regarding his relationship with Alisson and the direction of his life. Peter is shown to be unusually perceptive of Alexander's intentions despite not having had much interaction with him and Alisson. Interestingly not only does he speak to Alexander as if he were his son, he also acknowledges his own failings in dealing with John. It is on his advice that Alexander become the person that he was ment to be that eventually sets Alexander on the path that brings him to the events of Salvation.


  • The house that Chase and Rhea live in, as well as the location where Molly and Bruce discover Melissa Weller's body, is infact actor Gary Ciambrone's home, which was donated for the production.