Melissa Weller was a close friend of the Quinn family and sister to the missing Elias Weller.

Her body was found burried outside a lake house by a couple on a weekend getaway.
Melissa Weller
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Elias Weller - Brother
Deborah Weller - Mother


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Relationship with AlexanderEdit

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Continuity and DiscrepanciesEdit

  • Melissa Weller is briefly mentioned in Hence These Tears when Alexander, reaching for a name to diffuse an awkward situation, says he's dating her. Although in Salvation he does mention to Chase that they dated off and on during college, they clearly were not together during the events of Hence These Tears.
  • In the same scene John refers to her as "that film student." By the events of Salvation she is persuing a degree in criminology. It is explained, however that she decided to persue criminology as a second degree shortly after Chase returned to Boston. It is also heavily implied that she did so less out of hero worship and more to further a desire to continue the search for her brother.