Elias Jacob Weller is the eldest brother of Melissa Weller. He dissapeared four years prior to the start of the series and is presumed dead. He is portrayed by Nicholas McNeil in Salvation.
Elias Jacob Weller
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Melissa Weller - Sister
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The eldest son of Bruce and Deborah Weller, Elias was a bright and curious young boy. He dissapeared 6 months prior to the events in San Jose. James O'Riley was assigned to the case, however no trace of the boy has ever surfaced.

He shared a close bond with is sister, Melissa Weller, which devastated her after his dissapearance. In many respects she was never the same. She became convinced that he was still alive somewhere, lost and alone. Much of her life became devoted to working with various homeless shelters in and around the city in the hopes that some day she would find some trace of him. Towards the end of Salvation, it is revealed through photographs obtained by Robin Quick that he may be (or was at one time) in the custody of Lauren Westryn and Gideon Cryter. Chase resolves not to tell Deborah until she can confirm whether or not he is still alive.


  • Elias has only appeared in flashbacks and photographs, although much like John Alessandro, he has the distinction of being mentioned in every episode.
  • In the pilot, it is revealed that Chase used to babysit for both Elias and Melissa
  • It is also mentioned that it is believed he ran away, however later in the series it seems as if he may have been abducted.
  • He is seen as a child during a flshback in Vade Retro. When stalking with Chase about dreams, he asks her if she's ever seen a Blue Rose. This is a reference to the short story The Glass Rose.
  • Elias is mentioned again in the third episode, when James is reassigned to assist Chase.
  • Alexander mentions that Melissa was never the same after Elias ran away in Episode 4
  • While arguing outside the cafe, Alexander tells Chase that he believed that Melissa never stopped looking for her brother.
  • It is revealed in the series finale that Robin obtained photographic evidence that Elias was alive and at one time in the custody of Lauren Westryn and Gideon Cryter. He uses this information to convince her to work with him and John to find Westryn's daughter and bring down Dabareh.


  • Although never explicitly stated, Elias Weller is believed to be the main character of the short story The Glass Rose.