Doctor Lauren Westryn was the lead researcher on The Genome Initiative and the woman many believe to be most responsible for the destruction of San Jose.

Doctor Lauren Westryn
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Very little is known about her beyond her role in the death of Andrew Jordan or her presumed role in the disaster in San Jose. Much like the event itself, what is known is mostly conjecture and theory.

It is believed that, following The Event, Westryn fled San Jose along with a number of her staff. Although their involvement was never conclusively proven, she and her staff were called to testify before a Federal Inquest investigating the disaster in San Jose. All of the remaining research staff was killed prior to the hearing, presumably by the vigilante James Lynwood Prescott.

Lt Detective Chase Quinn, Detective Andrew Jordan and Detective Brett Hanscom of the Palo Alto Police Department were assigned to protect Westryn until the hearing. Although the exact sequence of events has been lost to conjecture, it is believed that Detectives Quinn and Jordan confronted Prescott in Westryn's Palo Alto home where, in the process of subduing him, Westryn was killed. In the ensuing confrontation, Detective Andrew Jordan was shot and killed, while his partner Chase Quinn was critically injured.

Alternative TheoriesEdit

A number of theories have arisen in the wake of the murder, running the gamut between improbable and downright conspiratorial.

Early on, Detective Quinn maintained that Prescott had an accomplice, a mysterious and some would say supernatural woman, who she claimed was ultimately responsible for Andrew's death.

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